Cheap Airsoft Guns

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport in which the participants use weapons that fire plastic pellets. Once a player is hit with a pellet, they are considered ‘out’ for the round. This may vary depending on the rules, but it is typically the case. Airsoft is mainly popular because it simulates situations one would encounter in the military. Games are typically composed of two opposing teams, and sometimes more. The types of weapons used in airsoft usually mimic real weapons and are highly realistic. This is because airsoft is a military simulation sport, and it tries to project as much realism as it can.

The types of weapons in airsoft emulate their respective models in real life, often including highly realistic models. Many airsoft guns are rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, and snipers. Many participants in airsoft have difficulty finding cheap airsoft guns, so if you’d like to skip all of the fluff and get straight to the action – feel free to look at the table below filled with hand-picked rifles from our website administrator:

Cheap Airsoft Guns

RifleVelocity (FPS)Features
Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun

Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG

~426• 1:1 scale of actual Thompson
• Full metal body
• Hi-cap magazine (400 rounds)
Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

Kalishnikov Tactical AK47

475• Fires up to 600 rounds/min
• Metal upper receiver, barrel, gears/gearbox
• Adjustable 'spin-up'
• Rail system

Types of Cheap Airsoft Guns

One of the most notable things to consider when choosing cheap airsoft guns is the type of airsoft gun you will buy. Some types have advantages or are generally better than the other, however in certain situations different types will shine. First, let’s name the three types – spring, electric, and gas (CO2, green gas).

Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring airsoft guns are usually at a disadvantage because they require you to pull back the slide after each shot. In close quarter combat situations, spring airsoft guns would not fare well due to their lack of fire speed. However, as aforementioned, there is one situation in which they shine: snipers. Spring airsoft guns are good at one thing – powerful and concentrated shots. Naturally, this suits the sniper very well. You’ll find that most airsoft sniper rifles are either spring or gas powered, as they should be. With spring airsoft guns, you’ll have to focus on taking clear and concentrated shots.

Airsoft GunFPSFeatures
Crosman Marines SR01 Airsoft Rifle

Crosman Marines SR01

~325• Spring powered
• Accessory rails
• High capacity magazine
• Folding stock
Crosman Softair Stinger 34 AIrsoft Rifle

Crosman Stinger 34

~300-310• Spring powered
• Quad rail system
• Hop up system
• High capacity magazine
• Adjustable stock

Electric Airsoft Guns

Electric airsoft guns are great for mid-range confrontations. They are designed to fire a large amount of pellets in a short amount of time. However, many electric airsoft guns come with multiple firing options allowing the operator to fire in fully-automatic mode, semi-automatic, or even burst fire. Electric airsoft guns are usually rifles or sub-machine guns. The great thing about electric airsoft guns is that they usually have a mid-cap magazine with a hop-up system.

Airsoft GunFPSFeatures
BBTac M82 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG

BBTac M82

~240• Replica of SIG 552
• Adjustable Hop up
• Electric airsoft rifle
• Red dot scope
• Silencer
H&K G36C Electric Airsoft Rifle

H&K G36C

~300• High capacity magazine
• Electric airsoft rifle
• Tactical railing
• Foldable Stock

CO2 / Green Gas Airsoft Guns

CO2 or green gas airsoft guns are typically considered the most powerful airsoft guns. You will often see this type implemented in pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns, and also snipers. One could say that this is the most versatile type of airsoft gun. CO2 and green gas airsoft guns are fueled by cartridges, typically placed within the magazine or clip of the gun. After each pellet is fired, a small amount of gas is used to propel the ammunition towards the target. Over time, the cartridge will need to be refueled using green gas canisters.

Cheap Airsoft Gear

If you’re going to participate in airsoft games, it is absolutely vital that you have the proper gear. Not only is it important for safety, but it’s also important to fit the overall theme of a military simulation. Much like there are different types of airsoft weapons, there are also different types of gear as well. A typical loadout consists of a helmet, goggles, tactical vest, pants, gloves, shoulder and knee pads, and even additional attachments. If you’re new to selecting gear or if you’re not really sure what you should be looking for, feel free to head on over to our beginner guide: here. There you’ll find a general overview of some cheap airsoft guns and cheap airsoft gear. There are many different types of gear available for airsoft, some suited to certain weapon types. For example, if your primary weapon was to be an airsoft sniper, it would be wise to consider some sort of camouflage such as a ghillie suit.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when playing airsoft. Since you’re firing plastic pellets at high velocities, there are certain parts of the body that should be protected accordingly. The most sensitive area of the body relative to this sport is the face, most notably the eyes. It is absolutely vital that you have proper eye protection. Even cheap airsoft guns can fire at a high velocity, so no matter how powerful the airsoft gun you’re using is you should always be wearing protection. In addition, also note that most establishments will not allow you to participate in airsoft games if you do not have proper protection. Other important components of your gear after goggles include helmets, vests, boots, and pants.

Not only is it important to protect your own body, but you must also protect other people as well. All airsoft guns come with a safety lock to prevent accidental misfires, however people are prone to mistakes and may forget to put on this feature when their airsoft gun is not in use. One of the most common methods of protection from accidental misfires is by utilizing a ‘gun condom’. Yes, that’s the real name. It sounds sort of odd, but it’s a small slip of material that goes over the barrel of the airsoft gun that will catch any pellets that are accidentally discharged. If you’re interested in reading more about airsoft safety, you can check out our article on the subject: Airsoft Safety.